Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elf on the Shelf- Behavior Tool

In my class I use Elf on the Shelf as a behavior tool with my students during the month of December. We talk a lot about the Elf and why the elf came to my classroom. Then I introduce the Elf in training. The Elf in training is from the Dollar Tree!! Here is our two classroom Elf's. The Elf is called Liam and my class named the Elf in training Rockstar!!
We talk about the differences between the two Elfs. I then told them the secret about the Elf in training. He is in our classroom to earn his red suit that looks like Liam's. Each day the two of them watch the classroom and see who is doing the best. Then they choose two people to be Elfs in training for the day. These students then become the teacher helpers. They become the teacher helpers for the day. The students have loved the Elfs!!
The hats I also got from the Dollar Tree! They wear the hats all day.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Loving some READing!!

I can not say how excited my students are this year about reading. My students love to read on their own, they love to read with others, and they love to listen to others reading. My school partners up with a local high school and every Halloween students from there come and read to our students. These are my students listening to readers.
As you can tell they are really into the books. The kids were so excited to read, and my students were great listeners. We were able to do lots of reading today since it we had red ribbon week, and we were 'Not letting drugs still our dreams'... PJ day at school. I am so excited with my students this year. They know how to make their dear teacher happy!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GoNoodle- Best Brain Breaks

Since Halloween is right around the corner I wanted to post my life saver! Let me introduce you to the best brain break EVER!!!
This is I heard about this from other teachers while at a workshop about technology. If you do not have an account I would go ahead and get one, just in case you need it. Once you sign in you can choose your character and then your character will greet you every time you log in. Here is our character:
Every day we log in he comes on with a joke. After each brain break you complete you will fill in the bar. After you complete 10 brain breaks you character will transform. Our class is so excited because we will be transforming soon!  Once you press play it will take you to the main screen:
This is where you will find all the wonderful videos. Zumba is one of my students favorite places. These are awesome dance videos that the students can complete, and the best part is they are usually done by kids. My students favorite thing to do is the Usher ABC song. You definitely want to look into this song, not only is it the ABCs but it has movements to go along with it. Let me know what you think!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Constructuction Paper Organization

I had an impromptu math center for my kids today, because my tower of unsorted construction paper was an eye sore. I started to organize my construction paper a little last year but unfortunately got really tired of it by the end of the year because it was BARELY wide enough. Over the summer I found lots of file container/bins and finally decided to put them into use. Here is my awesome construction paper holder that fits perfectly into my paper cabinet!
Instead of getting hanging folders that were letter size I got the legal sized. It works perfectly!. The papers fit in nicely and do not rub against the side. I do not know why I did not think of this sooner. I also got a bit crazy trying to organize them in some kind of order. I was able to four things of construction paper and there is a little more room just in case I need it.
Hope you enjoy making this awesome construction paper organizer and enjoy it as much as I do!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Classroom Reveal

I can not believe that I have not put up pictures of my classroom yet. My year has been so crazy already, and I can not believe we are already 8 weeks in! I have moved into my third classroom in three years, and I love the room that I am in right now. So here are some of the pictures of my room so far.
Here is my picture of my whole room. I am standing behind my desk. So you see a picture of my whole room. Our school is only 4 years old, and I definitely very lucky.

Looking in my front door.

My welcome center. This is where my students will put their folders when they come in, make lunch choices, and pick up breakfast cards.

 Here are a few pictures of around my room. I am loving my desks right now. I love my seat sacks and my kids are being organized. Got to love it!!

Here is my calendar that we were given this year. If you are looking for an awesome calendar I would suggest to look into it. My kids love it, and it makes morning meeting really organized. Plus it introduces my kids to a lot of different concepts.You can get it here at lakeshore learning:

Here is my awesome carpet that I got this year. These are all movable carpet squares. I LOVE IT!! My kids have assigned carpet spaces and it works so nice when I use whole brain teaching. You can also see my word wall. I put it on cabinets this year, because I do not have a lot of available wall space. We will be able to hang the words we have learned on the hooks under the letters and my students will be able to remove the words and work on them when needed.

This is my awesome library. Did I say I was in love with my room this year. I can not believe how nice it is. It took a majority of my summer to get ready this year. My poor husband had to deal with two months of things everywhere.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I started DAILY 5!

I have been wanting to start Daily 5 for a LONG time. I finally jumped all in and did it. Needless to say I LOVE it. I took a long time and set up a library in my awesome reading nook in my room. Check out my awesome library!
I got the labels for my library from TpT. Here is the address for it:

My kids loved being able to choose books on Friday and being able to read their new books. They did a great job finding a quiet spot on the carpet and reading their books. Here are just a few of my students reading their books!

I am so excited for my students to be so excited about reading. Next thing on the list is to work on Read with Partner. They did so good at read to self!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PVC Pocket Chart Holder

I have wanted to make pocket chart holders for my ever since the beginning of the school year. I love my classroom but there is very limited wall space for my kinders to use. So I found some really good posts to help me along. For a large pocket chart I used this site:

This is the picture from the site. The instructions are towards the bottom of the page. They are so easy to follow. If I knew it was going to be this easy I would have made it a long time ago. After making this one I still wanted a smaller one for centers that fit my smaller pocket charts from Target. So I am giving information on how to make the smaller on. Here it is:

Pieces you will need:
PVC pipe- I used 2 pieces that were 5 feet long (3/4 inches)
PVC cutter
4- 3/4'' T joints
2- 3/4'' 90 joints
4- 3/4'' end caps
Sand paper (optional)

Cut your PVC pipe into these sizes:
2- 24'' Pieces
2- 16'' Pieces
2- 6'' Pieces
4- 8'' Pieces

Once you have everything gathered and cut, you may need to sand the ends if they are rough from cutting. Put everything together like the picture:

I have tried to label everything in this picture so that it is easy to follow. The light blue shows where the T joints, 90 degree joint, and end caps are located. Here is the picture of my finished products. My plan is to spray paint them tomorrow, so I will put that picture up later.

Hope you enjoy my pocket charts!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

AR Leveled Book

I am taking the summer to level my book library. I decided to level my books based on AR level, so my students can then take AR quizzes towards the end of the year. I found an awesome new application for my phone that helps me do this, all I have to do is scan the barcode.

The application is called Points Scan Free on the Play Store. The one that I have is free but has ads. You can get the ad free version for 99 cents. It is totally up to you. I like this because it is so easy to use. Here is how simple. You need to download this, along with the barcode scanner.
First thing you do is find a book. You can either scan the barcode of the book or you can search the book either by the author or by the title.
After scanning or searching your book if it finds the book this will show up. This is the information that I use in my room so this was perfect for me. I then take this information and put it on a sticker on the inside front cover of the book. So I can reference it when building my library and so my kids can look up the tests for the books.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reading Small Groups Tyner

I love doing Tyner in my small groups everyday. I have made a binder for each level of Tyner. The binder that I am most proud of is my 26 Lessons/Emergent. I have combined the two levels because they are so close together and I love the picture cards that are incorporated into the 26 lessons. I will show you how I organize this level. My first thing I do was separate the weeks. Each week focuses on a different set of letters. This way I can easily locate what I am working on. I have these separated by dividers.
The next thing that I put is a pencil holder. Inside I have my letter and picture strips. I have made letter strips for both uppercase and lowercase because I think my students will benefit from them. Next I made my own picture strips. My pictures were getting old and my students were having issues identifying what each thing was. I have not tried them out with my students because it is summer, but I think that would love it just as much as I do.
After that I have letter cards. The larger one is my teacher cards, and the smaller one are my student cards. I made six of everything for my students. Behind everything is my lessons for my week. Each lesson is in its own plastic holder. I have put the picture cards that go with each lesson. If you have not used Tyner I would definitely look into it. It is the easiest way to differentiate instruction with students. At first you have a  few assessments but after students are leveled it gets really easy from there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I LOVE to laminate!

The one thing that I always do with things that I use everyday or are posted in my class, is laminate. For papers or worksheets that my students use all the time, or write on, I love to use the scotch laminator.

This laminator is great. It is thicker than your regular school laminator and you can laminate cardstock easily. 

For example, the numbers on my table are cute owl numbers that I printed off and then laminated. They lasted all year long. You can also see my birthday board in the background. Almost anything I use on boards all year long I laminate, I can then use them the next year.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Organized Teacher Calendar

It is that time of year that I go ahead and find my calendar for next year. Unfortunately, there was not a huge selection but I found something that I can use for next year and to start getting organized.
I am a huge fan of color. If I am going to look at something for a long period of time, I want it to look good. I am huge on using a binder clip for my agenda. This ensures that I can quickly turn to the page that I need. The things that I look for when choosing my calendar for the year, is a quick monthly view and then a more detailed week view. Here is what mine looks like:

I really like how organized I can be with my calendar. It does bother me a little bit that I had to scribble some things out, come on I am OCD and I am going to have to look at it each time I turn to this page. At least I can binder clip it when August is over.

If you are looking to find something similar I found mine at walmart. You can find ones like this at any office store also.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

This site is awesome. I love how easy it is to set up. It reminds me a lot of blogger. I recently set up one. The most important thing in a Kindergarten classroom I believe is the carpet. At my school they were nice enough to purchase a carpet for us. The bad part, the carpet is round and it is huge. It has no clear area where to sit at. So this is when I set up a go fund me. I found on some awesome carpet tiles that come in practically any color you would want. So I selected 5 different colors and 5 of each color. I love that I can just pull them up and I can create any shape that I want to. I am so looking forward to having this carpet next year. If you would like to donate, check out this link:

I want to make a big shout out to my mom and my grandma who have already made contributions to my carpet.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The End of the School Year :(

It is so sad to think that this school year is over. I have finished the packing and storing of all my things for next year. I am so excited to see what new little Kinders I will have. I am going to miss all of my little ones from this year.
It only took me a day and a half but my classroom looks nothing like it did.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crayon Sorting

Being OCD and a Kindergarten teacher can be tough sometimes. I needed something to easily find certain color crayons in the classroom. I am also an avid Crayola person. I do not give my students any other crayon brand.
These are three tackle boxes from Walmart. Each one is sorted to old 8 different colors. So the three are a full pack of 24 crayons. Here is a close up of how they are sorted.
When a crayon is lost a student goes and puts it where it goes. So when a student needs a certain color all I have to do is go and get it out of the tackle box. I love it, saves me so much time!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Data Binder

It has been so crazy these last few weeks. Between my brother getting married, my best friends brother getting married and the end of the school year I have had no extra time. So in the middle of getting things ready for report cards, I thought about my trusty little friend. My DATA BINDER!
This binder is always by my side. I do not know what I would do without it. I have everything in there from student information, to grades, to sight word information. Anything and everything. Everything I need is always in one place.

I started using this system last year and have gotten really good about how to organize the information that I put in there.  My dividers that I have are student information, BOY assessment, MOY assessment, EOY assessment, FAIR/FLKRS, Discovery reading/math, Waterford reading/math, sight words, reading data, math data, science data, social studies data, writing data, Kindergarten students check list, and letter data. It is a lot of things to keep up with but when I get called in for an RtI meeting and I can quickly find the information that is needed it is an awesome feeling. If I did not have my binder I would be a disorganized teacher.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Creative Generators!

Random Generators

These are Welch's and V8 containers

We are working on making addition and subtraction sentences in my classrooms. To make it fun we are using these... we call them my 'Random Number Generators'. Inside I have two sided counters. My kids get to shake them up and shake out the counters. My students then use the counters to make a number sentence. Currently we are working on the number 20. My students use these to create as many different ways to make 20 as they can. They love it! I got the idea from a First Grade teacher, and she used just regular milk jugs, I wanted to jazz it up a bit. Below I made instructions on how to make one yourself. The one below I am creating for next year to use at the beginning of the year for a 'Random Letter/Sound Generator' and a 'Random Sight Word Generator'.

How to Make the Random Generators

First thing is to clean your container and take off the labels.
I used Goo Gone to take off the labels... it works awesome, just look how shiny!

The next step is to cut up your tissue paper. I did lots of different sizes to make it fun. I went ahead and cut up all my tissue paper and saved what I did not use for other projects. After that get yourself a paint brush and some Mod Podge!
I use the Mod Podge Matte for these. It does not really matter which one you use. 

After you have everything together the fun begins. I like to apply a layer of Mod Podge then apply the tissue paper and then put more Mod Podge on top.  Once you get started it will start to look a little like this:
Be creative and just do what looks good to you.

Just keep on going until everything is covered. For this container it took me a little over a day because it is so big. After you cover the whole thing I like to apply Mod Podge over the whole thing again, just to had some extra protection to it, since my little Kinders will have their hands all over it!
Here is the finished product:!