Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Caddies!

Our New Caddies!!

I found these awesome new caddies at Michael's for only 3.99 each. The best part was that they were in lots of different colors.

It is late in the year, and my students were having difficulties getting along with their groups. So off to the store and look what I found! I love them. it also helps with my OCD some. Students have a spot for everything. Cups have pencils and scissors in them. With the pencils are also the erasers and with the scissors are glue sticks. The pencil container is filled with crayons, these were just the crayons that they had in their pencil box already (just reusing what they already had). At different times in the day we do caddie checks, I say caddie check and my students have one minute to fix their caddies before I check. The table with the best caddie wins.

My kids were a bit confused coming in and realizing that they did not have their own pencil boxes any longer. I heard all morning 'Mrs. Davis can I have an eraser?', 'Mrs. Davis can I get a glue stick?'. It really helped my students. Within the day my students were getting along and talking to each other instead of yelling at each other. It was awesome. Felt like a proud teacher!