Sunday, May 11, 2014

Creative Generators!

Random Generators

These are Welch's and V8 containers

We are working on making addition and subtraction sentences in my classrooms. To make it fun we are using these... we call them my 'Random Number Generators'. Inside I have two sided counters. My kids get to shake them up and shake out the counters. My students then use the counters to make a number sentence. Currently we are working on the number 20. My students use these to create as many different ways to make 20 as they can. They love it! I got the idea from a First Grade teacher, and she used just regular milk jugs, I wanted to jazz it up a bit. Below I made instructions on how to make one yourself. The one below I am creating for next year to use at the beginning of the year for a 'Random Letter/Sound Generator' and a 'Random Sight Word Generator'.

How to Make the Random Generators

First thing is to clean your container and take off the labels.
I used Goo Gone to take off the labels... it works awesome, just look how shiny!

The next step is to cut up your tissue paper. I did lots of different sizes to make it fun. I went ahead and cut up all my tissue paper and saved what I did not use for other projects. After that get yourself a paint brush and some Mod Podge!
I use the Mod Podge Matte for these. It does not really matter which one you use. 

After you have everything together the fun begins. I like to apply a layer of Mod Podge then apply the tissue paper and then put more Mod Podge on top.  Once you get started it will start to look a little like this:
Be creative and just do what looks good to you.

Just keep on going until everything is covered. For this container it took me a little over a day because it is so big. After you cover the whole thing I like to apply Mod Podge over the whole thing again, just to had some extra protection to it, since my little Kinders will have their hands all over it!
Here is the finished product:!

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