Saturday, May 24, 2014

Data Binder

It has been so crazy these last few weeks. Between my brother getting married, my best friends brother getting married and the end of the school year I have had no extra time. So in the middle of getting things ready for report cards, I thought about my trusty little friend. My DATA BINDER!
This binder is always by my side. I do not know what I would do without it. I have everything in there from student information, to grades, to sight word information. Anything and everything. Everything I need is always in one place.

I started using this system last year and have gotten really good about how to organize the information that I put in there.  My dividers that I have are student information, BOY assessment, MOY assessment, EOY assessment, FAIR/FLKRS, Discovery reading/math, Waterford reading/math, sight words, reading data, math data, science data, social studies data, writing data, Kindergarten students check list, and letter data. It is a lot of things to keep up with but when I get called in for an RtI meeting and I can quickly find the information that is needed it is an awesome feeling. If I did not have my binder I would be a disorganized teacher.

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