Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reading Small Groups Tyner

I love doing Tyner in my small groups everyday. I have made a binder for each level of Tyner. The binder that I am most proud of is my 26 Lessons/Emergent. I have combined the two levels because they are so close together and I love the picture cards that are incorporated into the 26 lessons. I will show you how I organize this level. My first thing I do was separate the weeks. Each week focuses on a different set of letters. This way I can easily locate what I am working on. I have these separated by dividers.
The next thing that I put is a pencil holder. Inside I have my letter and picture strips. I have made letter strips for both uppercase and lowercase because I think my students will benefit from them. Next I made my own picture strips. My pictures were getting old and my students were having issues identifying what each thing was. I have not tried them out with my students because it is summer, but I think that would love it just as much as I do.
After that I have letter cards. The larger one is my teacher cards, and the smaller one are my student cards. I made six of everything for my students. Behind everything is my lessons for my week. Each lesson is in its own plastic holder. I have put the picture cards that go with each lesson. If you have not used Tyner I would definitely look into it. It is the easiest way to differentiate instruction with students. At first you have a  few assessments but after students are leveled it gets really easy from there.

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