Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Organized Teacher Calendar

It is that time of year that I go ahead and find my calendar for next year. Unfortunately, there was not a huge selection but I found something that I can use for next year and to start getting organized.
I am a huge fan of color. If I am going to look at something for a long period of time, I want it to look good. I am huge on using a binder clip for my agenda. This ensures that I can quickly turn to the page that I need. The things that I look for when choosing my calendar for the year, is a quick monthly view and then a more detailed week view. Here is what mine looks like:

I really like how organized I can be with my calendar. It does bother me a little bit that I had to scribble some things out, come on I am OCD and I am going to have to look at it each time I turn to this page. At least I can binder clip it when August is over.

If you are looking to find something similar I found mine at walmart. You can find ones like this at any office store also.

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