Wednesday, July 23, 2014

AR Leveled Book

I am taking the summer to level my book library. I decided to level my books based on AR level, so my students can then take AR quizzes towards the end of the year. I found an awesome new application for my phone that helps me do this, all I have to do is scan the barcode.

The application is called Points Scan Free on the Play Store. The one that I have is free but has ads. You can get the ad free version for 99 cents. It is totally up to you. I like this because it is so easy to use. Here is how simple. You need to download this, along with the barcode scanner.
First thing you do is find a book. You can either scan the barcode of the book or you can search the book either by the author or by the title.
After scanning or searching your book if it finds the book this will show up. This is the information that I use in my room so this was perfect for me. I then take this information and put it on a sticker on the inside front cover of the book. So I can reference it when building my library and so my kids can look up the tests for the books.

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