Sunday, July 27, 2014

PVC Pocket Chart Holder

I have wanted to make pocket chart holders for my ever since the beginning of the school year. I love my classroom but there is very limited wall space for my kinders to use. So I found some really good posts to help me along. For a large pocket chart I used this site:

This is the picture from the site. The instructions are towards the bottom of the page. They are so easy to follow. If I knew it was going to be this easy I would have made it a long time ago. After making this one I still wanted a smaller one for centers that fit my smaller pocket charts from Target. So I am giving information on how to make the smaller on. Here it is:

Pieces you will need:
PVC pipe- I used 2 pieces that were 5 feet long (3/4 inches)
PVC cutter
4- 3/4'' T joints
2- 3/4'' 90 joints
4- 3/4'' end caps
Sand paper (optional)

Cut your PVC pipe into these sizes:
2- 24'' Pieces
2- 16'' Pieces
2- 6'' Pieces
4- 8'' Pieces

Once you have everything gathered and cut, you may need to sand the ends if they are rough from cutting. Put everything together like the picture:

I have tried to label everything in this picture so that it is easy to follow. The light blue shows where the T joints, 90 degree joint, and end caps are located. Here is the picture of my finished products. My plan is to spray paint them tomorrow, so I will put that picture up later.

Hope you enjoy my pocket charts!

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