Saturday, October 4, 2014

Classroom Reveal

I can not believe that I have not put up pictures of my classroom yet. My year has been so crazy already, and I can not believe we are already 8 weeks in! I have moved into my third classroom in three years, and I love the room that I am in right now. So here are some of the pictures of my room so far.
Here is my picture of my whole room. I am standing behind my desk. So you see a picture of my whole room. Our school is only 4 years old, and I definitely very lucky.

Looking in my front door.

My welcome center. This is where my students will put their folders when they come in, make lunch choices, and pick up breakfast cards.

 Here are a few pictures of around my room. I am loving my desks right now. I love my seat sacks and my kids are being organized. Got to love it!!

Here is my calendar that we were given this year. If you are looking for an awesome calendar I would suggest to look into it. My kids love it, and it makes morning meeting really organized. Plus it introduces my kids to a lot of different concepts.You can get it here at lakeshore learning:

Here is my awesome carpet that I got this year. These are all movable carpet squares. I LOVE IT!! My kids have assigned carpet spaces and it works so nice when I use whole brain teaching. You can also see my word wall. I put it on cabinets this year, because I do not have a lot of available wall space. We will be able to hang the words we have learned on the hooks under the letters and my students will be able to remove the words and work on them when needed.

This is my awesome library. Did I say I was in love with my room this year. I can not believe how nice it is. It took a majority of my summer to get ready this year. My poor husband had to deal with two months of things everywhere.

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