Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elf on the Shelf- Behavior Tool

In my class I use Elf on the Shelf as a behavior tool with my students during the month of December. We talk a lot about the Elf and why the elf came to my classroom. Then I introduce the Elf in training. The Elf in training is from the Dollar Tree!! Here is our two classroom Elf's. The Elf is called Liam and my class named the Elf in training Rockstar!!
We talk about the differences between the two Elfs. I then told them the secret about the Elf in training. He is in our classroom to earn his red suit that looks like Liam's. Each day the two of them watch the classroom and see who is doing the best. Then they choose two people to be Elfs in training for the day. These students then become the teacher helpers. They become the teacher helpers for the day. The students have loved the Elfs!!
The hats I also got from the Dollar Tree! They wear the hats all day.

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