Wednesday, July 29, 2015

End of Summer Organizing Frenzy

It is a couple of days before I am allowed to go back in my class and I am going crazy! What am I doing to make my first week productive? Planning!! I am thinking about what I can do now to make my life in just a couple of weeks organized, and easier! So here are just a couple of things that I have started to work on now.

Okay so confession, this is not my desk. This is actually a picture from when I went with my husband on his business trip. It is cleaner than my current situation, which is on the table in the living room. I wanted to show this one because it shows my planning calendar. Yes, this is just my calendar, not my weekly lesson plans. So I will explain it a little bit. The binder includes my calendar and pacing guides for all my content areas. On my computer (the bottom right is just a picture of what my calendar looks like) is my calendar. I am planned already til the end of October. Every subject is planned out and color coded (yes I really am OCD), and then the blue line is just notes or things to remember (like end of the nine weeks, assessments that need to completed, etc).

This is my trusty planner. This was a must have after a conference I was at last week. I was finding out about all kind of things that I was scheduled to attend and things that I need to do. When I went to put it into my calendar I realized that July was the last month in the planner... so I stopped at Target and found one that I like. I love it!!

The last thing that I am working on to help me be organized for next week is my trusty to do list. I have one for things I can do at home and one for things I can do when I get in my classroom. These are running documents, so when I am thinking about something that I need to do I go find my notebook and add to it. It is something that I am going to continue to try and work on through the school year.

I am so excited to have this school year get started. I hoped you enjoyed reading this and you were able to get ideas of what you can do before school starts back. Happy Teaching!!!