Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Planner

For the last few weeks I have been seeing tons of posts about the Happy Planner teacher edition. I was not sure how well it would work for my OCD teacher needs but I tried it out and her is my honest review so far... I love it!!!

This is the exact kit that I got. I purchased this from Micheal's for 40 percent off and also was able to use my teacher discount. I was able to get this for around 21.00 dollars. The kit comes with the spiral calendar, four pages of stickers to use in the calendar, a highlighter, and sticky notes. I also had an additional coupon for 50 percent off one regular item and used it to get the whole puncher for the planner. This allows me to add any pages that I want to the planner. So here is a walk through of what the inside of the planner looks like!!

 At the beginning of each month you have the month over view that allows you to list: top tasks, goals, focus, student birthdays, events, and holidays. It also has a very cute quote at the beginning of each month.

You also will have a month at a glance page. As you can see I have already started to fill mine in. I unfortunately go back August 2nd. After the month at a glance you will have the weekly glance.

This is the one part that I most excited about because look at all of that space!!! It is separated into 7 time spots for each day. I know I do not have have 7 subjects but I am looking forward to having room to list out small group and whole group activities and having it all in one place. The calendar also has other interesting pages, folders, and helpful pages.

The only thing that I had an issue with is that it started in August and I wanted to start using it now, so I made some pages for June and July.  Here is the link to my June and July pages at my teachers pay teachers, BONUS is that it is free!!

Hopefully you enjoyed my review of my Happy Planner Teacher Edition! Plan on fellow teacher :)

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